CuccrbitaSeeds flour Albumin% Globulins% Prolamin% Glutelin% Insoluble protein% (residues) Total protein recovered%
Tibish 32.4b±0.14 26.57b±0.21 9.6a±0.15 23.85a±0.49 8.01a±0.15 101.72a±0.56
Fagoos 35.1a±0.42 28.7a±0.24 10.9a±0.49 19.7b±0.42 8.9a±0.42 102.44a±1.34
L.s.d #0.05 1.270 1.9059 3.303 0.635 1.4595 2.7392
Each value in the table is a mean of 3 replicationsMean value (s) bearing different superscript letter(s) within the same column differ significantly (P ≤ 0.05)
Table 3: Protein fractions of the two species of cucurbitaceae seeds flour.