Treatment Characteristics
Color Taste Odor Texture Over all acceptability
5% Tibish 7.4e 7.3b 6.45f 7.37b 7.16d
10% Tibish 7.6c 8.1a 7.8b 6.8d 7.58b
15% Tibish 8b 6.9c 8.1a 8.1a 7.87a
5% Fagoos 5.62f 7c 6.8d 4.5f 5.94g
10% Fagoos 8b 6.5d 6.3e 7.2c 7.04f
15% Fagoos 7.5d 7c 6.7g 7.2c 7.27c
Wheat 8.3a 6.8c 7.3c 6.58e 7.12e
Lsd0.05 0.058 0.216 0.058 0.076 0.015
Each value in the table is a mean of 3 replications
Mean ±SD value(s) bearing different superscript letter(s) within the same column differ significantly (P ≤ 0.05)
Table 5: Sensory evaluation of composite flour of wheat and cucurbitaceae seeds flour biscuits