Cnt-MA 1.91±0.53 b >3 1.91±0.53b
L-MA >17 15.07±0.48 15.07±0.48d
FP-MA 5.31±1.21 a >7 5.31±1.21a
BN-MA 4.99±0.66 a >6 4.99±0.66a
L-FP-MA 13.75±0.69 c >15 13.75±0.69c
L-BN-MA 18.32±0.58 d >20 18.32±0.58e
Data in column with different letters are significantly different (P<0.05). Values are means ± Standard error for n=2.
Table 3: Shelf life (SL) of sausage samples evaluated as the lowest value between the microbial acceptability limit (MAL) and the sensorial acceptability limit (SAL).