Variable Property
G SS (rpm) GL (%) UD (kg/m3) BD(kg/m3) ER(-) WSI (%) WAI(-) PDI (%) L (-) a (-) b (-)
Xanthan 100 3 856hi 388g-l 0.94c-f 6.77j-l 3.77f-i 54.6mn 46.9e-h 5.04ed 22.5f-i
150 861hi 384g-m 0.98c-f 7.60i-l 3.79f-i 56.4lm 47.2e-h 5.16de 22.3f-i
100 6 1040b-g 408gh 0.90e-f 9.52hi 3.84e-i 67.6g 46.7e-h 4.81ef 21.4hi
150 913g-i 401f-j 0.99b-f 7.08j-l 4.27ef 63.7h 46.34e-h 5.04e 22.1ghi
100 10 1214a 607a 1.06a-d 18.34c 7.40bc 90.1c 50.5d 7.50b 25.4cd
150 1183ab 575bc 1.08a-c 16.45d 7.64ab 97.4a 53.3c 8.40a 29.6a
Guar 100 3 854hi 382h-m 1.10a-c 8.68ij 4.00e-h 54.0mn 46.1f-h 5.12de 22.5f-i
150 986d-h 368k-m 1.15ab 6.44l 4.46e 53.3n 47.5e-g 4.94ef 22.3f-i
100 6 958e-i 366k-m 0.90e-f 6.66j-l 6.00d 46.0o 48.78de 4.84ef 22.1g-i
150 938f-i 357m 0.85f 10.80gh 5.57d 44.6o 50.7d 4.92ef 23.0e-g
100 10 1105a-e 508de 1.07abc 21.20b 8.00ab 69.5g 61.8a 6.80c 27.4b
150 1121a-d 560c 1.07abc 14.04e 8.10a 81.1e 46.6e-h 6.97c 24.1ef
Wheat Gluten 100 3 1028b-g 373j-m 1.10abc 7.74i-l 2.64kl 62.1hi 47.6ef 5.30de 22.9e-h
150 997de-h 378i-m 0.89ef 7.13j-l 2.64kl 60.6ij 45.4f-h 4.93ef 22.3f-i
100 6 923g-i 361lm 0.95c-f 6.51kl 3.01jkl 58.6j-l 45.1f-h 5.07e 21.5g-i
150 1120a-e 369k-m 0.90e-f 6.19l 3.03jk 59.4jk 44.6h 5.07e 22.2f-i
100 10 1162abc 571c 1.11abc 19.66bc 3.88e-i 90.0c 55.0c 7.60b 25.6c
150 1093a-f 599ab 1.22a 19.48bc 3.88e-i 93.3b 54.1c 7.60b 25.9c
CMC 100 3 1004c-g 422g 0.94c-f 7.79i-l 3.78f-i 79.6e 41.4i 4.80ef 21.3hi
150 821i 0.392h-k 1.21a 8.28i-l 3.29ij 72.7f 45.1f-h 5.14de 22.5f-i
100 6 1045b-g 391h-k 0.99b-f 7.59i-l 4.25ef 63.9h 45.9f-h 5.00ef 22.5f-i
150 967d-i 364k-m 0.99b-f 8.62i-k 3.39h-j 57.7kl 46.2e-h 4.86ef 22.1g-i
100 10 1162abc 524d 1.07abc 14.23e 7.56ab 74.9f 58.8b 7.60b 28.8a
150 1210a 563c 1.03b-e 13.24ef 6.86c 80.4e 59.5b 7.60b 27.4b
Pullulan 100 3 963d-i 389f-j 0.89e-f 11.01gh 2.59kl 80.8e 45.6f-h 5.30de 23.1e-g
150 911g-i 406g-i 0.88ef 11.74fg 2.64kl 80.7e 45.0f-h 5.30de 22.3f-i
100 6 927g-i 412gh 0.90e-f 13.12ef 2.38kl 87.3d 44.9gh 5.6d 23.7ef
150 1058a-g 465f 1.03b-e 12.50e-g 2.33l 88.3cd 45.0f-h 5.11de 21.2i
100 10 1179ab 497e 1.09abc 27.06a 4.11e-g 96.2a 53.6c 5.20e 17.4j
150 1064a-g 500de 1.19a 28.43a 3.48g-j 95.2ab 54.0c 4.53f 14.1k
Table 5: Treatment combination effect of gum source (G), gum inclusion level (GL), and screw speed (SS) on extrudates’ properties; means followed by similar letters for a given dependent variable are not significantly different at P < 0.05 among treatments.