Treat Storage Interval (Days) Mean
0 15 30 45 60 75 90 % Decrease
GL0 12×102 11×102 10×102 9×102 8×102 7×102 6×102 50.00×102 9.00×102 b
GL1 14x101 12x101 9x101 8x101 7x101 6x101 5x101 50.00x101 10.29x101 a
GL2 13x101 12x101 10x101 7x101 6x101 5x101 3x101 76.92x101 8.00x101cd
GL3 13x101 10x101 9x101 7x101 6x101 5x101 4x101 64.29x101 8.71x101bc
GL4 14x101 12x101 10x101 9x101 8x101 7x101 6x101 57.14x101 9.43x101 b
GL5 15x101 13x101 11x101 10x101 9x101 8x101 7x101 69.23x101 7.71x101d
Mean 13.33x101a 11.67x101 a 9.83x101a 8.33x101a 7.33x101a 6.33x101a 5.17x101a    
Values having different alphabetical letters are significantly (P<0.05) not same
LSD at 5% level for treatments = 0.7239
LSD at 5% level for intervals = 0.7818
Table 3: Effect of storage period and treatments on Microbial load (cfu/g) of guava bar.