Sample Moisture (%) Breaking force (N) Swelling capacity (%) Hydrogen cyanide (mg/kg)
A 3.25a 1.403a 1.10a. 9.15a
B 3.98a 2.338c 3.70b 7.32b
C 4. 20c 3.438c 3.50b 8.13c
D 4.82c 3.005c 1.07a 6.38d
E 4.38d 3.95d 3.50c 8.52e
F 5.21b 2.063b 1.07a 8.20f
G 4.21d 1.729e 3.70b 7.10g
H 3.17e 1.788e 1.10a 7.75h
Data are means of triplicate determinations. Data in the same column bearing different superscript differed significantly (p < 0.05)
Table 2: Physical properties and hydrogen cyanide content of the samples.