Flours     Minerals (mg/100g)    
Mg P Ca K
WF 25.65±1.34d 179.15±1.20d 39.55±1.06a 130.1±0.85d
BBR1 46.2±0.98c 207.85±0.35c 40.4±0.28a 213.8±0.42c
BBR2 54.5±0.84b 216.7±0.57b 40.6±0.42a 235.0±0.28b
BBR3 61.95±1.34a 232.5±0.84a 41.1±0.28a 278.7±0.84a
All values are means of duplicate ± SD
Means followed by different superscript within the same column differ significantly (P<0.05).
Table 3: Mineral composition of biscuits at different blend proportions.