Weight (g) Diameter (cm) Thickness/ Height (mm) Spread ratio
BWFT1 5.43±0.01d 4.52±0.07a 0.53±.001a 8.69±0.05a
BWFT2 5.37±.007d 4.40±0.04a 0.52±0.04a 8.63±0.08a
BWFT3 5.30±0.01c 4.39±0.06a 0.51±0.01a 8.61±0.07a
BR1T1 6.44±0.02c 3.88±0.10b 0.522±0.01b 7.46±0.05c
BR1T2 6.29±0.02c 3.850±0.08b 0.51±0.07b 7.54±0.04c
BR1T3 6.29±0.04b 3.840±0.04b 0.50±.004b 7.68±0.06bc
BR2T1 6.74±0.01b 3.76±0.06bc 0.49±.0014c 7.67±0.07b
BR2T2 6.52±0.02b 3.800±0.01b 0.51±0.02c 7.65±0.09c
BR2T3 6.42±0.01b 3.74±0.07bc 0.48±.001c 7.65±0.03c
BR3T1 7.06±0.04a 3.63±0.08c 0.48±.002d 7.72±0.07b
BR3T2 6.87±0.06a 3.610±0.05c 0.47±0.02d 7.85±0.06b
BR3T3 6.8±0.014a 3.610±0.09c 0.46±0.01d 7.84±0.08b
a-d All values are means of duplicate ± standard deviations
Means followed by different superscript within the same column differ significantly (P<0.05).
Table 4: Effect of blend ratio and baking temperature on spread ratio.