Items Conditions and assumption
Location Faisalabad, Pakistan
Crop Paddy
Crop porosity 0.54
Bulk density, Db (kg/m3) 666.32 kg/m3
Weight of grains per batch 100 kg
Moisture content at the time of harvest, ( w.b) 24%
Required moisture content for storage,  (w.b) 14%
Ambient air temperature, 27 ˚C
Ambient relative humidity, 70%
Maximum allowable temperature (0C) (Hall,1980) 43 ˚C
Drying time (sunshine hours) 7h
Incident solar radiation, Ih 850 W/m2
Collector efficiency, ηc (%) 30%-50%
Average thickness of grain, (mm) Gross, J. R. 1965 2.5 to 3
Amount of heat required for drying of 100kg paddy. 5.5kJ/
Transmissivity 0.89
Table 1: Design specifications.