Sr.No Name of the sample Sensory Scores *
Colour & Appearance Consistency Flavour Overall Acceptability
1 Sample A 7.15B 7.21AB 7.38B 7.23B
2 Sample B 7.91A 7.86A 8.21A 8.54A
3 Sample C 6.95B 6.81B 7.11C 7.12C
4 Sample D 6.72C 6.68C 6.92D 6.96D
5 S.E.M 0.189 0.186 0.153 0.123
6 CD at 5% 0.533 0.525 0.452 0.361
Sample A (65wy:35Av), Sample B (70wy:30Av), Sample C (75wy:25Av) and Sample D (80wy:20Av)
*Average of four trials
* Means by different letters (A, B, C, D) as superscripts in a column differ significantly at 5% level
Table 1: Effect of different blends of whey and Aloe vera juice on the sensory characteristics of the beverage.