Nutrients Autumn Winter Spring Summer P-value
Saturatedfattyacids (SFA)
C14:0 1.24±0.52a 1.57±1.03a 3.5±2.55b 1.79±0.54a 0.04
C16:0 24.97±6.15a 20.94±5.61a 21.76±1.31a 22.67±3.28a 0.11
C18:0 12.01±3.03a 9.84±2.15a 7.85±3.14a 9.69±0.92a 0.07
Monounsaturatedfattyacids (MUFA)
C16:1 2.63±0.77a 2.77±1.39a 4.13±1.16b 2.69±0.69a 0.001
C18:1 7.09±3.92b 13.81±6.60a 12.23±3.73a 11.93±4.21a 0.01
Polyunsaturatedfattyacids : n-6 series
C18:2n-6 1.34±0.40a 1.26±0.31a 1.46±0.51a 1.42±0.23a 0.02
C18:3 n-6 0.15±0.10a 0.12±0.05a 0.10±0.03a 0.19±0.09a 0.53
C20:2n-6 0.15±0.06a 0.26±0.04a 0.34±0.13a 0.17±0.16a 0.03
C20:4n-6 3.91±0.57a 2.81±0.79b 2.37±0.79b 2.72±0.70b 0.004
Polyunsaturatedfattyacids : n-3 series
C18:3 n-3 0.29±0.05c 0.50±0.18a 0.73±0.38b 0.47±0.17a 0.001
C20:3n-3 0.35±0.17a 0.51±0.29a 0.26±0.14b 0.38±0.05a 0.02
C20:5n-3 4.57±0.91a 5.79±0.77a 7.80±0.97b 6.08±1.10b 0.001
C22:5n-3 1.05±0.23a 1.63±0.68a 1.75±0.42a 1.46±0.24a 0.009
C22:6n-3 40.10±7.93b 38±8.91b 35.66±4.45a 38.28±5.8b 0.04
PUFA/SFA 1.36 1.56 1.52 1.49  
ω3/ ω6 8.36 10.40 10.81 10.37  
Means (n = 6) with the same letter in the raw are not significantly different (p>0.05).
Table 2: Fatty acids composition of Atlantic mackerel samples (% TFA).