Treatmentb aw pH Fat % Moisture % Protein % Residual Nitrite (mg/kg)
Control 0.9819a 6.35b 1.96ab 75.84 18.09 36.01bc
90MX 0.9793b 6.05a 1.58a 75.82 17.95 31.32a
DV 0.9759c 6.24bc 2.26b 75.30 17.88 35.36bc
LV1X 0.9772c 6.18ac 2.32b 74.93 18.02 33.56ac
SEc 0.0005 0.04 0.19 0.29 0.20 1.11
aValues are least squares means. Within a column, means with different superscripts (a through c) are significantly different (P<0.05)
bControl, naturally-cured control; 90MX, cranberry powder; DV, vinegar; LV1X, vinegar and lemon juice concentrate
cStandard error of the differences of least squares means
Table 1: Effect of natural antimicrobial ingredients on physicochemical properties of naturally-cured RTE hama.