Organoclilorine pesticide Measured (ng/g fat) MRL (ng/g fat)
aldrin+dieldrin ND 200
endrin ND 50
endrin ketone ND n.s.
Σ „drins” ND  
α chlordane ND 50
γchlordane ND n.s.
Σ chlordanes ND  
4,4'-DDT 7.9  
4,4'-DDE 23  
4,4'-DDD 2.9  
Σ DDTs 33.8 1000
heptachlor ND 200
heptachlor epoxide ND 200
Σ heptachlors ND  
endosulfan I ND 50
endosulfan II ND 50
Σ endosulfans ND  
methoxychlor ND 10
ND-not detected; n.s-not specified:
Table 3: Organochlorine pesticide levels (ng/g fat) in the control sample, a commercially available pork neck, lipid content 23.5%. Levels are compared against the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) set in the European legislation [27].