HCN (mgkg-1)

Crude Protein (%)

Ash (%)

Crude Fat (%)

Crude Fibre (%)

Moisture Content (%)

Dry Matter (%)

100% Cassava Biscuit 9.70a 6.57d 1.53c   0.11c 0.19d 3.00b 97.00a
10% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit 8.32b 6.92cd 1.45d   0.14c 0.14c 3.50b 96.50a
20% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit 2.58c 7.53ab 1.60b   0.24b 0.24c 3.00b 97.00a
30% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit 0.06d 7.97a 1.67a   0.33b 0.47b 3.00b 97.00a
Commercial biscuit (Control) 0.02d 7.09bc 1.16c 13.54a 0.85a 4.81a 95.19b
(a-d)Means along the same column followed by the same letter are not significantly different from each other (P<0.05).
Table 1: Chemical composition of biscuit samples.