Colour Taste Texture Flavour General
100% Cassava Biscuit   8.10a   8.20a   7.40a   7.40a 8.30a
10% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit   6.00b   4.40c   5.20c   4.80c 4.70c
20% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit   6.00b   6.60b   5.50bc   6.00bc 5.80bc
30% Cassava/pigeon pea biscuit   8.00a   7.40ab   6.80ab   6.80ab 7.00ab
Commercial biscuit (Control)   8.10a   8.10a   7.20a   8.10a 8.10a
(a-c)Means along the same column followed by the same letter are not significantly different from each other (P<0.05).
Table 2: Sensory evaluation of biscuit samples.