Total solids (%) Fat content (%) Protein content (%)
Control non-fat 14.8c ND* 3.68d
Whey non-fat 14.8c 0.1c 4.61a
Control low fat 15.7b 1.1b 3.59e
Whey low-fat 15.7b 1.1b 4.55b
Control full-fat 17.3a 3.3a 3.45f
Whey full-fat 17.3a 3.3a 4.39c
*ND: not detectable
a-f Different letter among the bars indicates signi´Čücant difference (P<0.05) (Tukey’s test).
* Results are mean of triplicate analyses of three different batches.
Table 2: Total solids, fat and protein content of control and whey yogurts.