Operations Equipment
Drying of grains and malt Plastic sheets, animal hide, mats, mosquito net, blanket
Malt preparation Metal pots, bucket, bowl, sack, baskets
Cleaning of grains Traditional flat trays (sefed), mortar and pestle
Milling Flour mill, grinding stones
Filtering and sieving Traditional sieve (wonfit)
Fermentation of leafy vegetables Small traditional bowl, buckets, plastic plates, broken clay pots or jars
Cooking and boiling Metal pots, barrel, insira
Crashing of dough balls Beer bottle,  cylindrical stone, pestle-like wood (tomambyta or koryakabotat)
Main fermentation and storage of cheka Large bowl, plastic container, barrel
Serving utensils Small metal or plastic containers, gourd bottles
Table 1: Cheka processing operations and equipment utilized for the purpose.