Parameter Treatments
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 Control
Protein (%) 7.2b 8.03e 8.00e 7.30bcd 8.00e 8.4gh 8.07ef 8.00e 6.00a 7.00b
Fat (%) 3.60e 4.60f 3.00d 3.60e 2.60c 3.00d 2.30b 3.00d 2.00a 2.60c
Fibre (%) 15.00e 13.00d 16.00f 13.00d 13.00d 11.00c 14.00e 10.00a 11.00c 10.30ab
Ash (%) 0.50a 1.00b 1.50c 2.50e 1.50c 2.00d 1.50c 1.00bc 2.00d 1.00b
Carbohydrate(%) 35.64c 47.07f 42.98e 60.00f 36.60cd 47.66fg 29.33a 32.98b 50.36h 54.10i
Mean value in a row with same superscript do not differ significantly (p<0.05)
T: Treatment
Table 1: Proximate composition of bread samples.