Flours Ash   (%) Protein (%) Fibre   (%) Fat       (%) Carbohydrate (%)
Wheat 0.66a 9.55b 1.29a 0.51a 73.94a
Barley 2.20e 11.65e 6.75e 2.31c 75.00cd
Oat 1.70c 9.60b 5.13d 4.50d 62.00a
Maize 2.00d 9.78bcd 1.38abc 4.58de 70.32b
Rice 0.76b 6.77a 0.62a 0.94b 76.91e
Mean value in a column with same superscript do not differ significantly (p<0.05)
Table 2: Proximate composition of flours.