Parameter Treatments
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 Control
Crust colour 7.0a 7.0a 7.0a 7.5d 7.0a 7.4c 7.0a 7.0a 7.1b 8.0e
Crumb appearance 7.1a 7.1a 7.0a 7.2abc 7.0a 7.0a 7.0a 7.1a 7.1a 8.0d
Texture 7.2c 7.0a 7.1b 7.2c 7.1b 7.2c 7.1b 7.2c 7.0a 7.6d
Flavour 6.8ab 6.7a 7.1c 6.8ab 7.2cd 6.8ab 6.7a 6.8ab 8.0e 0.11
Overall acceptability 7.0a 7.1a 7.4d 7.1a 7.2bc 7.1a 7.1a 7.1a 8.0e 0.12
Mean value in a row with same superscript do not differ significantly (p<0.05)
Table 5: Sensory mean scores of multigrain breads.