Type of bread Hardness Springiness Chewiness Cohesiveness Moisture of crumb (%)
T1 10.87b 0.96a 0.76a 0.43a 38.00g
T2 11.43b 1.20a 0.80a 0.47a 27.30c
T3 12.44c 1.50b 0.86a 0.48a 29.00de
T4 14.97d 1.96c 0.90a 0.50a 24.60a
T5 15.30d 2.50d 0.96abcd 0.56bc 38.30gh
T6 16.43e 2.90e 1.50e 0.60d 28.30c
T7 17.40f 3.30f 1.96f 0.66e 45.30I
T8 17.90f 3.50g 2.00fg 0.70f 45.30i
T9 18.50f 3.96h 2.60h 0.77ghi 35.60f
Control 7.87a 4.00i 3.00i 1.50j 25.00ab
Mean value in a column with same superscript do not differ significantly (p<0)
Table 6: Moisture content and TPA (texture profile analysis) of bread samples.