Treatments Total solids Fat Total protein Ash Lactose content
Control 36.96 8.23 4.37e 1.073a 7.98a
T1 36.37 8.23 4.94d 0.943b 7.24b
T2 36.24 8.20 5.65c 0.883c 6.51c
T3 36.16 8.23 6.29b 0.821d 5.81d
T4 36.29 8.20 6.92a 0.750e 5.42e
a-e: Means with different letters within a column are significantly different from each other at α=0.05 as determined by Duncan's multiple range tests.
Table 2: Chemical composition (%) of ice cream mixes with different ratios of WPC as a partial substitution of milk solid not fat.