Treatments Acidity pH SG (-) W/gal (lb) FP (ºC) Con.(sec) AV(c.p)
Control 0.21c 6.72a 1.108a 9.244a -2.47a 44.13e 45.65e
T1 0.21c 6.72a 1.093a 9.037b -2.41ab 51.66d 47.8d
T2 0.22c 6.55b 1.082a 9.012b -2.35ab 60.50c 55.57c
T3 0.23bc 6.47c 1.080a 9.011b -2.27ab 74.59b 60.2b
T4 0.26a 6.41d 1.078 a 9.004b


82.67a 65.65a
a-e: Means with different letters within a column are significantly different from each other at α=0.05 as determined by Duncan's multiple range tests
Table 3: Physicochemical and rheological properties of ice cream mixes with different ratios of WPC.