Osmotic Solution Concentration (g/g) 5 10 15 20
Drying Rate (g/h) 26.68a 26.45 b 26.41 b 26.12c
Water Loss (g/g) 1.53 a 1.55a 1.57 a 1.54 a
Solid Gain (g/g) 0.06 a 0.08 b 0.07 a 0.09 b
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 73.33 a 74.35 a 75.13 a 73.75 a
Manganese (mg/1000g) 2.36 a 2.18 b 2.38 a 2.45 a
Iron (mg/1000g) 1.88 a 2.03 b 1.83 a 2.08 b
Osmotic Solution Temperature (°C) 35 40 45 50
Drying Rate (g/h) 26.08a 26.70b 26.53c 26.36c
Water Loss (g/g) 1.52a 1.56a 1.57a 1.54a
Solid Gain (g/g) 0.12a 0.08b 0.05c 0.05c
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 72.56a 75.02a 75.28a 73.70a
Manganese (mg/1000g) 2.10a 2.36b 2.39b 2.53b
Iron (mg/1000g) 1.97a 1.96a 1.95a 1.95a
Osmotic Process Duration  (min) 30 60 90 120
Drying Rate (g/h) 26.58a 26.31b 26.46a 26.31b
Water Loss (g/g) 1.54a 1.53a 1.57a 1.55a
Solid Gain (g/g) 0.07a 0.08b 0.07a 0.07a
Vitamin C (mg/100g) 73.61a 73.06a 75.43a 74.46a
Manganese (mg/1000g) 2.22a 2.36a 2.32a 2.49b
Iron (mg/1000g) 1.98a 2.02a 1.83b 1.99a
*Means with the same letter are not significantly different but means with different letters are significantly different (at p ≤ 0.05).
Table 2: Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) for the effect of process conditions on drying rate, water loss, solid gain and post drying qualities of onion.