Parameter T1 T2 T3 T4 SEM
Slaughter weight (kg) 16.0b 21.7a 22.33a 21.7a 1.23
Empty body weight (kg) 12.2b 17.8a 18.2a 17.8a 1.10
Hot carcass weight (kg) 6.0b 10.0a 10.7a 10.5a 0.56
Dressing percentage (%)
Slaughter weight basis 37.5c 46.1a 48.0a 48.49a 3.33
Empty weight basis 49.5b 56.2a 58.8 a 59.0a 4.90
REA (cm2) 5.6b 8.4a 8.2a 8.6a 0.60
a-cmeans within a row not bearing a similar superscript letter significantly differ (P<0.05); REA:Rib-Eye Muscle Area; SEM: Standard Error of Mean; NSC:Noug Seed Cake; RB: Raw Barley; MB: Malted Barley; CR: Cracked Barley
Table 6: Carcass parameters of Hararghe highland sheep fed a basal diet of natural pasture hay and supplemented with different forms of barley grain.