Amino acids Number of residues/1000
Asp 106a 103a
Thr 54a 33b
Ser 58a 72b
Glu 116a 202b
Gly 91a 88a
Ala 119a 66b
Cys 4a 15b
Val 61a 55a
Met 19a 12a
Ile 43a 36b
Leu 91a 74b
Tyr 25a 22a
Phe 42a 43a
His 21a 20a
Lys 52a 35b
Arg 53a 77b
Pro 45a 47a
TEAA 387a 310a
THAA 455a 354b
Essential/non-essential ratio 0.63 0.45
TEAA = total essential amino acids
THAA = total hydrophobic amino acids
a,bDifferent superscripts in the same row indicate the significant differences (p<0.05).
Table 4: Amino acid composition of almond and pistachio juices processing byproducts.