Figure 1: The Effect of Cryogenic Freezing and Gamma Radiation on the Survival of Salmonella spp. using Different Recovery Media. Each experiment was conducted independently 5 times (n=5). Standard error of the mean is shown as error bars. Time 0 is when samples were irradiated. TSA- 0 kGy (closed circle); BGSA-0 kGy (inverted closed triangle); HA-0 kGy (open circle); XLT-4-0 kGy (open triangle). TSA-1.5 kGy (closed square); BGSA- 1.5 kGy (closed diamond); HA-1.5 kGy (open diamond); XLT-4-1.5 kGy (open triangle). TSA-3 kGy (closed triangle); BGSA-3 kGy (closed pentagon); HA-3 kGy (inverted open triangle); XLT-4-3 kGy (open pentagon).