Component Settings
GC Column 1 30 m × 250 µm, df = 0.25 µm SolGel-Wax, (SGE, Inc. Austin, TX, USA)
Initial: 35°C hold for 10 minutes, 5°C/min to 250°C, 250°C hold for 5 minutes
GC Column 2 2 m × 100 µm, df = 0.4 µm 007-1701, (Quadrex Corp. Woodbridge, CT, USA) +10°C offset from column 1
Modulator +25°C offset, 5 sec modulation period
Gerstel TDU/CIS4
(Gerstel Inc., Baltimore, MD, USA)
TDU Splitless mode, Initial 30°C ramped 12°C/sec to 300°C hold 5 min at 50 mL/min (total of 5.5 min) then:
CIS4 Splitless injection for 75 sec, initial -50°C ramped 12°C/sec to 300°C hold 3 min (total of 3.58 min) then:
GC run initiated
Table 2: Conditions used for GC×GC analysis.