Species Common name Sampling location Sample No. identification
Macropus rufus Location not given U87136
  Geraldton, WA 04-012
Dongara, WA 04-014
Northampton, WA 04-015
Northampton, WA 04-016
Yalara, Northern Territory 04-017
Greenvale, Queensland AY099270
Meekathara, WA 04-01
Location not given U87138
M. robustus Lynd Station, Queensland Y10524
Location not given NC001794
Dongara, WA 05-012
Dongara, WA 05-015
Northampton, WA 05-016
Mt Keith, WA 05-019
M. fuliginosus Western grey kangaroo Geraldton, WA 04-006
Dongara, WA 04-007
Mullewa, WA 04-008
Mullewa, WA 04-009
Dongara, WA 04-010
Mt Cooke, WA 04-011
  Townsville, Queensland AY099271
M. giganteus Eastern Grey kangaroo Black Rock, Queensland AY099267
Location not given U87137
Queensland DQ019618
Newcastle, N.S.W. 13-EGY1-3
M. eugenii Tammar wallaby Garden Island, WA AY099280
Perth Zoo, WA AY237226
Garden Island, WA AY099281
M. irma Western Brush wallaby Tuttaning, WA AY099272
M. rufogriseusbanksianus Red necked wallaby (mainland) Unknown mainland location AY237228
M. rufogriseusrufogriseus Red necked wallaby (Tasmania) Tasmania AY237227
M. parryi Whiptail wallaby Location not given AY237229
Aepyprymnusrufescens Rufous rat kangaroo Black Rock, Queensland AY099266
Table 1: Sampling locations of species of macropods used as references samples in this study. The first four species of macropods in particular (red kangaroo, common wallaroo, western and eastern grey kangaroos) from the main varieties that are commercially harvested in Western Australia (WA). The remainder of the species are smaller non-commercial species weighing > 5 kg [1]. These were included in this study because they could potentially be substituted as meat. The indicates a sequence was obtained from GenBank.