1. Doctor led training. Exams Nurse led training. E-Learning
2. Examination in SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) Examination in hospital of community i.e. medical setting
3. Police referral as the main route of referral Self referral or police referral
4. Aftercare e.g. emergency contraception, HIV PEP, integrated within SARC Aftercare referred in most cases offsite for emergency contraception, HIV PEP
5. Examination by doctors. Mostly male Examination by nurses. Mostly female
6. Support in SARC by specially trained crisis workers Support by SANE (Sexual assault nurse examiners)
7. Support after examination by ISVA (Independent sexual violence advisor) Support after examination by referral on to rape crisis organisation
8. Evidence in court given by doctors Evidence in court given by nurses
9. Children examined by doctor and paediatrician Children examined by specialist paediatric sexual assault nurse examiner
Data from UK: A comparison of nurse and doctor examinations
Table 1: Management of sexual assault.