Type of decapitation Pathological findings of the neck Other wounds Mode of Death References
Sharp tool Clear-cut wound [16,17]
Band-like abrations,
and several incisions [16]
Blunt facial injuries, several stab
wounds in the body [16]
None [16,17]
Hanging Irregularly shaped defects [9]
Sharp-edged lacerations with
band-like abrasions [10]
Laceration with wavy abrasion [11]
Circumferential skin abrasion [12]
None [9-12] Suicide [9-12]
Animal Bite marks and tissue defects [13]
Tooth puncture wounds [14]
None [13,14] Accident [13,14]
Explosion Sharp-edged gaping lacerations [15] Lacerations and contusions
in all region [15]
Vehicle assisted Clear-cut wounds with demarcated
abrasions [1,4,6,8],
Band-like abrations [2,5]
Irregular [3,4]
Liner abrasions with thinner erosion [7]
None [1,2,4,6-8]
Abrasions on the limbs [3]
Rib fractures [5]
Force to the body Sharp-edged lacerations with
several incision parallel to the edge.
The head was accompanied with the
larynx, pharynx and the part of lungs
and heart
Recessus ran from right shoulder
to left lateral chest. Internal tissues
and organs under the recessus were
Unknown Present case
Table 1: The review of the literature on decapitation.