Figure 2: Distribution of fatal road traffic accidents according to month for the year 2011 (Blue bar) and 2012 (Red bar).
Human behavioural errors or factors by the road users of 95 (93.1%) was the highest contributing factor followed by environmental and machine factors respectively (Table 3). Vehicle-vehicle collision was the commonest type of fatal road traffic accident collision causing death of 48 (47%) followed by those hit by light goods vehicle (taxi, private car, jeep, van etc.) of 24 (23.5%) (Table 5). The national divisions having the most road traffic deaths were the Western of 52 (50.9%) and Central of 41 (40.1%). Majority of fatal RTA of 41 (40.1%) occurred on semi-urban roads and followed by those occurring on the highway of 26 (25.4%) and rural roads of 23 (22.5%) (Table 6). Most of road traffic deaths of 53 (51.9%) were immediate at the scene of the accident whilst 30 (29.4%) were en route to hospital and 18 (17.6%) were at the hospital (Figure 3).