Sample QuadrantI QuadrantII QuadrantIII QuadrantIV
1 a,b,c,j,m,p a,c,f,g,h,o,s d,p d,p
2 a,b,c,e,j,l,t a,c,h,m,o,p a,d,e,I,n,p b,d,o
3 c,f,o f,p,q d,e,h,l,p d,I,n
4 b,f,p,w,x b,f,j,t d,n,p d,I,k,t
5 b,c,o,p a,c,x a,d,p,w d,I,o
6 c,f h,o,s d,o,q d,j
7 B c,h d,p,v b,d,k,r
8 c,t a,b,c,f,l,o,q d,I,i,n,s D,e
9 a,c,g,m,p a,c,p,t,x c,d,e,g,p,t d,m,h
10 a,p,t m,o,p b,d,e,g o,g
11 C b,c,f,l,p,t,x i,o T
12 A a,d,g b,d,m e,I,j,q,t
13 a,c,n c,h d,m,q,o,p,t d,e,p
14 c,h, a,g,m,p,t a,d,h,m,t d,e,g
15 C c,f,h,p a,d,m,p,u a,d,n,s,v
16 c,n,p a,b,c,h,j,m,o,q,v i,d,e,o d,g,k,m,p,v
17 c,f h,p d,e,I,m,o d,g,p
18 A c,f,h,n b,e,I,s,w,x O
19 C c,p,t d,h,n.o.u d,k
20 d,g,m,n D d,l,x Q
21 T c,p a,d,e,j,m,p,t d,h
22 c,p c,h,l,s d,p,s e,i,l
23 G a,f,j,o,q a,d,g,m b,d,h,t
24 h,m a,c,g,m,p,t a,d,g,o,p,w e,k,t
25 c,p c,m d,m,s c,d,o,p
26 c,f a,b,c,g,h,i,p,t,x d,b,m,g,n,t a,d,e,o,p,v
27 E a,c,i,m a,d,e,o d,h,t
28 a,d,p c,k,p,t d,l,o,p,t a,c,k,l,s
29 F c,g,h,l,p b,d,e,g,I,m,p,s c,d,m,x
30 C a,c,h,t a,d,g,l,p,t b,e,p,w
31 e,j,p,q c,t,b a,n,p -
32 P o,p,x d,j,o,p,r,t d,e,p,u
33 c,s d,f,g,m,p b,e,m,p,w d,I,s
34 c,h A c,d,t,j n
35 d.f,i,p c,h,f,q g,r d,l,p,t
36 f,d c,d,q,p,n,t c,v,u,p,e a,q,e,d
37 D f,s,k a,t,o,m b,d,o,m
38 c,d,o,s c,d,e,w S i,j,m,o
39 G d,t c,f,h,l,q,x e,v
40 Q a,m,o,p,s,x d,e,n,o,p d
41 a,c,l b,c,g,p a,e,i,n,t,w f,o,r,x
42 c,s,i,t c,j,o,k d,v,n,b r,p,t,u
43 a,k,v b,c,h,u c,f,n,p e,m,s
44 d,o,u a,f,l,t b,c,h,m,r g,n,w
45 b,n,i,u a,t,v,u c,p,s,q d,f,h,n,o
46 a,s,m n,t,p,c g,h,I,k l,u,w,x
47 r,c B,m,n,e t,p,c,w u,p,d
48 d,v,m a,u,h,k b,d,t,f,j r,s,j
49 A,q,r b,f,i,m c,d,g,j e,h,k,p
50 A,m,w b,h,i,x c,d,f,g e,k,l,p
Table 3: Distribution of characters in different quadrants of Lip print.