Number  Crime Scene Substrates Short Name Collection Method
1 Synthetic leather checkered pattern Synthetic leather 1.0 cm2 Cut
2 Northern Red Oak branch covered with soil Branch Swabbed
3 Pacon paper painted with Crayola washable water colors Water paint 1.0 cm2 Cut
4 Denim jeans (100% cotton) Denim jeans 1.0 cm2 Cut
5 Great Value freezer bag (plastic) Plastic bag 1.0 cm2 Cut
6 Card with Balspar Brand Premium Latex paint Latex paint Swabbed
7 Natural Oak Parquet Gunstock Hardwood Flooring Finished wood Swabbed
8 Ceramic floor tile Tile Swabbed
9 Mexican Beach Pebble Stone covered with soil Stone Swabbed
10 Tempered glass piece from a broken car window Tempered glass Swabbed
11 Ash tree wood block (unfinished) Unfinished wood Swabbed
12 Carpet Home Decorates Collections (2701 CARLSBAD) Carpet fibers 3 Fibers Cut
13 Arabic Shimagh, Albassam (100% white cotton) Scarf 1.0 cm2 Cut
14 Pergo XP Ligoria Slate laminate flooring Laminated flooring Swabbed
15 Kimberly-Clark®Kimwipe® Kimwipe 1.0 cm2 Cut
Table 3: Substrates used for deposition of blood and collection method. Fifteen substrates used for deposition of three different blood samples to mimic items of evidence commonly encountered in the indoor crime scenes in the UAE. Short names of the substrates are indicated in the column. The collection methods to gather this body fluid from these substrates are included.