Number Crime Scene Substrates(Saliva) Short Name Collection Method
1 Stainless-steel spoon Stainless-steel spoon Licked/Swabbed
2 Plastic fork Plastic fork Licked/Swabbed
3 Plastic spoon Plastic spoon Licked/Swabbed
4 Wrigley 5® Chewing Rain-gum Minted chewing gum Chewed/3.0 cm2 Cut
5 Self-adhesive stamp Stamp Licked/1.0 cm2 Cut
6 Chromite stone covered with soil Stone Spat on/Swabbed
7 Starbucks® straw Straw Inserted in mouth/1.0 cm2 Cut
8 Adhesive part of self-seal envelope Envelope Licked/Swabbed
9 Ice Mountain-bottle of water Bottle Inserted in mouth/Swabbed
10 Glidden Trim and Door paint on index card Oil paint Spat on/Swabbed
Table 4: Substrates used for deposition of saliva and collection method. Undefined amounts of saliva from two donors deposited on 10 different substrates to mimic items of evidence commonly encountered in the indoor crime scenes in the UAE. Short names of the substrates are indicated in the column. The collection methods to gather this body fluid from these substrates are included.