Sample Volume of Blood (μL) Run Allele Dropout Loci with PHR Below 50%*
F1 0.0625 Run1 D3S1358 (1/2)**, TPOX (1/2) and FGA (2/2)*** vWA (18%) and D7S820 (36%)
M1 0.0625 Run1 No dropout D5S818 (37%) and D16S539 (47%)
F1 0.125 Run1 D16S539 (1/2) and FGA (2/2) CSF1PO (25%)
M1 0.125 Run1 No dropout CSF1PO (34%)
F1 0.25 Run1 No dropout FGA (46%)
M1 0.25 Run1 No dropout No dropout
F1 0.0625 Run2 No dropout D21S11 (22%), D18S51 (28%) and CSF1PO (40%)
M1 0.0625 Run2 Amelogenin (X allele) TH01 (38%), D18S51 (41%) and Penta D (30%)
F1 0.125 Run2 No dropout Penta E (43%), D13S317 (46%), D7S820 (47%) and TPOX (46%)
M1 0.125 Run2 No dropout D3S1358 (38%), D21S11 (48%) and Penta D (47%)
F1 0.25 Run2 No dropout No dropout
M1 0.25 Run2 No dropout No dropout
Table 8: Allele dropouts from the sensitivity study using blood. Allele dropouts noted in profiles from the sensitivity study using various volumes of blood (Table 1). Duplicate experiment with the same samples is noted as Run 2. Dropout alleles include peaks with PHRs less than 50% in heterozygous loci, and the peaks that were not called by the software because they had RFU values lower than the analytical threshold. *One allele considered to be dropped out in the percentage of called alleles calculation, **One allele dropout in a heterozygous locus, ***Both alleles dropout in a heterozygous locus