S.No. Country made pistols Improvised pistols
1. Country made pistols are manufactured by ordinary blacksmith without any standard specification or materials used. Improvised pistols are manufactured locally with proper knowledge of standard weapons and these are the copy (imitation) of standard caliber pistols.
2. Different types of ammunition can be fired from country made pistols like 8mm/.315”, .303” and 7.62x51mm caliber (using suitable adopter). It can be used with proper caliber ammunition for which it has been made.
3. Generally, these are single shot hammer action pistols without magazine. Generally, these are semi-automatic pistols with magazine.
4. Only one cartridge can be fired at a time. Next cartridge can be loaded manually. Number of cartridges loaded in magazine (upto 8 to 10) can be fired at a time.
5. Generally, rimmed cartridges are used to fire. Generally, only rimless or semi-rimless cartridges can be fired.
6. Generally, these are smooth bore firearms. Generally, these are rifled as well as smooth bore firearms.
7. No safety mechanism like safety catch are found present in country made pistols. Generally, a safety notch is present in improvised pistols.
8. The firing pin present in country made pistols can be easily replaced. The firing pin present in improvised pistols are difficult to replace.
9. The barrels of country made pistols are generally manufactured by iron pipe, sanitation pipe etc. The barrels of improvised pistols are manufactured with the help of machine like lath machine etc.
10. The shape of country made pistols are not look like as standard weapon. The shape of improvised pistols are look like as standard weapon.
11. The barrel catch lever is present for opening and closing the barrel. In this case magazine catch is present in improvised pistols.
Table 6: The difference between country made and improvised pistols.