1. I am a very communicative and outgoing person. I make friends easily and have no problem talking to strangers
2. I blush easily in embarrassing situations
3. When I’m not sure what is going on/I find myself in an unfamiliar situation I become nervous and cannot control my body movements easily (fidgeting, touching/scratching head, leg shifting, etc.)
4. I consider it to be important what other people think about me
5. I find it hard to deceive others because of a personality trait
6. I feel mental and physical discomfort when being put in spot light because of my questionable behaviour/when accused of something in front of others.
7. I have strong self-confidence/high self-esteem.
8. In general, I consider myself to be a risk-loving person.
9. I try to avoid risk as much as I can.
10. I praise a new hairstyle of someone I know, even though it actually does not suit that person much.
11. I would make up a reason in order to avoid an uncomfortable meeting.
12. I keep a little secret to myself once in a while, even when someone directly asks about it.
13. I compliment important people, because they can do something for me.
14. I would lie for my own benefit.
15. I would lie for a friend’s benefit.
16. I tell other people what they want to hear, even if it does not fully correspond to truth.
Table 1: 16 Statements in the questionnaire.