Less hand/finger movement in lap

Looking rather self-confident, less nervous

Gesturing to reinforce a verbal point

Speaking deliberately, less non-verbal support by nodding or head shaking

Nodding upward

Showing surprise

Appear a bit more nervous and embarrassed (tense, shy smile)

Laughter more natural, sounding less embarrassed, smile more natural

No much leg movement

Hand movement to chin when thinking

Shoulder and head shaking

Nodding and shaking of head less vigorous

Head/forehead scratching/massaging

Eyes darting from one interviewer to the other

Quiet and/or nervous laughter;

Tongue rolling across lips

More laughter in general

Swinging in chair

More movement of hands to face

Fidgety fingers on thighs

Table 4: Body language in ‘truthful’ and ‘deceitful’ subjects.