Criminal Responsibility Full Diminished Odds Ratio
Consciousness Clear:12 Disturbed:0 Clear:2 Disturbed:5 N/A
Orientation Oriented:1 Disoriented:4 Oriented:2 Disorienter:4 2
Memory Maintained:8 Disordered:17 Maintained:10 Disordered:5 2
Mood Not mentioned:0 Abnormal:9 Not mentioned:0 Abnormal:4 N/A
Psychotic symptoms Absent:6 Present:2 Absent:1 Present:4 12
Motive for the crime Understandable:19 Incomprehensible:1 Understandable:4 Incomprehensible:9 43
Planning of the crime Well planned:1 Impulsive:5 Well planned:3 Impulsive:1 15
Character homogeneity of the criminal Homogenous:7 Heterogenous:1 Homogenous:1 Heterogenous:10 70
Rationality of the criminal process Rational:17 Irrational:2 Rational:2 Irrational:6 26
Table 2: The correlation of factors other than Binder’s criterion, used to assess diminished criminal responsibility.