Figure 5: Inhibition of calcineurin suppressed ISO-induced AAV promoter activity. (A) Reduced hGH expression in response to chronic stimulation by ISO. An ISO-containing mini pump was inserted into mice expressing hGH following rAAV transduction. Data are meanąSEM, *p<0.05 (n=6) vs. PBS control. (B) ISO increased self-complementary (scAAV) transduction. H9C2 cells under pretreatment with PBS, hydroxyurea or ISO, and the number of GFP positive cells was counted. Data are meanąSEM, *P<0.05 (n=5) vs. PBS control. (C) AAV-CMV-lacZ vector plasmid was transfected into the cells, and indicated concentration of ISO was added. (D) Some samples were further cotransfected with the dominant negative calcineurin plasmid (D.N.CN) or constitutively active calcineurin (C.A.CN) plasmid, or pretreated with CNIP. Twenty-four hours later, cells were lysed and β-galactosidase activity was determined. Data are meanąSEM, *p<0.05 (n=5) vs. PBS control, **p<0.05 (n=5) vs. ISO alone.