DRD2 - A1 allele carriers DRD2 - A2 allele carriers
•Have tendency to abuse Drugs
•Impulsive behavioral
•Sensation seeking or anti-social behavior
•Early sexual activity
•Less inclined to develop steady relation, involving only in “Eros” kind of love
•Intensive emotional experiences based on the physical attraction to the partner.
•Less likely to identify as a partisan
•Less likely to have social attachment
•Are positively correlated (Homophily)
•Significant association of schizoid/avoidant behaviors in A1 carriers compared to A2 carriers
•More trusting and more likely to join a political party
•More likely to identify as a partisan
•The gene’s association with partisanship also mediates an indirect association between the A2 allele and voter turnout
•More likely to have social attachment, people with two A2 alleles (and no A1 allele) were 8% more likely to form political attachments.
Table 1: Characteristics of DRD2 - A1 and DRD2 - A2 allele carriers.