DRD2 - A1 allele carriers     

DRD2 - A2 allele carriers

  • Have tendency to abuse Drugs
  • Impulsive behavioral
  • Sensation seeking or anti-social behavior
  • Early sexual activity
  • Less inclined to develop steady relation, involving only in “Eros” kind of love
  • Intensive emotional experiences based on the physical attraction to the partner.
  • Less likely to identify as a partisan
  • Less likely to have social attachment
  • Are positively correlated (Homophily)
  • Significant association of  schizoid/avoidant behaviors in A1 carriers compared to A2 carriers
  • More trusting and more likely to join a political party
  • More likely to identify as a partisan
  • The gene’s association with partisanship also mediates an indirect association between the A2 allele and voter turnout
  • More likely to have social attachment, people with two A2 alleles (and no A1 allele) were 8% more likely to form political attachments.
Table 1: Characteristics of DRD2 - A1 and DRD2 - A2 allele carriers.