Saxena and David Mahore et al.2 Kokavec R4 Sharma et al.3 Vasudev et al.6
Mandibular hypoplasia, steep mandibular angle bilaterally, corneal plaque.
Multiple tissue tags near the tragus of the ear. Inability to completely extend or flex neck. Deviation towards the left on opening the mouth. Open bite in the anterior and left posterior region. Right side posterior teeth were in cross bite. Narrow palatal vault and crowding in lower teeth and had fissured tongue.
Lower motor neuron facial nerve paresis, bilateral microtia, inferiorly situated ears, torticollis, left hemifacial hypoplasia.
Ectopic kidneys,
Reported 4 cases :
Face: plagiocephaly, facial asymmetry, mandibular hypoplasia,
cleft lip and palate, multiple bilateral preauricular
tags, epibulbar dermoids and upper eyelid coloboma,
hypertelorism, and wide flat nose radix.
• Extremities: bilateral megapollex and wide interdigital spaces.
One patient showed peripheral facial nerve palsy.
One patient also reported anomalies of the third and fourth thoracic vertebrae,
scoliosis, and agenesis of the left second through fourth ribs and the pectoral muscle insertion. Abdomen showed hypoplasia of the left kidney.
Reported a patient with polydactyly hand, facial asymmetry;
hypoplastic maxilla, LMN facial palsy,
dysmorphic ear, slightly narrowed EAC, conductive
hearing loss ear, short neck, shortened
sternocleidomastoid ,divarication of recti, pilonidal
dimple. Macrostomia was present. There was elevation of
scapula and mild scoliosis.
Presence of epicanthal folds and
Reported a case with juvenile glaucoma in Turner’s syndrome, along with loss of vision in one eye, preauricular appendages, absence of uterus and right kidney,
Table1: Comparison of clinical features in various case reports.