Figure 4: Evaluation of proliferative activity of BAFF in mouse splenocytes.
Induction of mouse splenocyte surivival is an important biological feature of BAFF.
Recombinant hBAFF and hBAFF mutants stimulated the proliferation of mouse splenic B cells in a dose-dependent manner. The results indicated that rhBAFF and rhBAFF mutants could promote the survival of mouse splenic B cells in vitro. The control protein trx did not have any survival effect. Among these BAFF mutants, the proliferative activity of M2 and M4 had obviously decrease, which confirmed that the mutated residues in M2 and M4 domains were significant in BAFF function. Trx, rhBAFF , M1, M2, M3 and M4: see Figure 2.
human BAFF(peprotech): positive control.