Variant KD (M) Kon (1/Ms) Koff (1/s) R2
rhBAFF 3.63E-08 9.64E+02 3.50E-05 0.872721
Trx --- --- --- 0*
M1 3.18E-07 2.93E+02 9.34E-05 0.951368
M2 1.17E-06 4.18E+02 4.88E-04 0.914619
M3 5.33E-07 4.60E+02 2.45E-04 0.959939
M4 --- --- --- 0*
Table 1: The binding kinetics of the BAFF receptor TACI to BAFF and BAFF mutant using the ForteBio system Off-rate kinetics (koff) were measured by saturating the chip with TACI and then monitoring dissociation after switching to buffer. On-rate kinetics (kon) was measured using 3 kinds of dilutions of BAFF or BAFF mutant. KD, the equilibrium dissociation constant, was calculated as Koff/ Kon. Trx、rhBAFF 、M1、M2、M3 and M4: see Figure 2.
The bar (---) means the data is too limited to be analyzed.
*Curve equations could not be established to fit with the experiment data and fitting accuracy (R2) showed only zero.