Tract: Tissue specific regulation by the Hoxa family homeobox transcription factors are important in the development in the oviducts (Hoxa9), uterus (Hoxa10 and Hoxa11), cervix (Hoxa11 and Hoxa13) and vagina (Hoxa11 and Hoxa13) as shown. Wnt family genes are believed to be involved in the anteriorposterior as well as radial patterning. Specifically shown here is Wnt7a, which is required for maintenance of Hoxa10 and Hoxa11 expression in the uterus. Also illustrated is the gradient of BMP4 expression, strongest in the vagina and weakest in the uterus. The opposite gradient has been noted for Wnt7a
Figure 1: Schematic Diagram of Gene Expression in Development of Female Reproductive.