Translocation Clinical Features X Chromosome Breakpoint Autosomal Breakpoint X Inactivation Pattern (Xw.Xm)
X;1   Xp21-2 1p34 or 34-3 100:0 (L)*
X;2   Xp21 2q14  
X;2 Moderate mental retardation Xp21-2 2q37-3  
X;3   Xp21 3q27  
X;3 Mental retardation, dysmorphisms Xp21-2 3q13-2 or 3q13-32 95:5 (L)*
X;4   Xp21-1 4q26 100:0 (L)*
X;5 Moderate mental retardation Xp21-2 5q31-1 100:0 (L)*
X;5   Xp21-1 5q35-3 100:0 (F)*
X;5   Xp22 q32 95:5 (L)*
X;6   Xp11 q21 100:0 (L)*
X;6   Xp21 6q16  
X;6   Xp21-2 6q21 99:1 (L)*
X;7   Xp22 p11.1 99:5 (L)*
X;8 Mild Xp21-1 8q24-3 80:20 (L)*
X;9 Tumer S; Epilepsy; mental retardation Xp21 (Extreme proximal) 9p21 (Extreme proximal) 100:0 (L)*
X;9 Moderate mental retardation Xp21-2 9p22-3 98:2*
X;11   Xp21-1 11q13-5  
X;11 Mild Xp21-2 11q23-3 Xn inactivated (L)*
X;15   Xp21 15q26 93:7 (L); 95:5 (F)*
X;21 Mild Xp21-1 21p12 99:1 (L); 95:5 (F)*
X;22   Xp21 22q13  
X;22   Xp22.1 p11.1 100:0 (L)*
X;3 DMD phenotype Xp21 p24 72.5:27.5 (L; M); 100:0 (L)
*XCI evaluated by BrdU technique of Hagemeijer et al. (1976) and following modifications (Panasiuk et al. 1997) L, F, M= X inactivation analysis on fibroblasts, lymphocytes or muscle cells respectively
Table 1: Inactivation Analysis on Fibroblats, Lymphocytes or Muscle Cells.