Figure 2: In vivo transduction of GL261 tumor cells. Confocal microscopy images of representative brain sections from glioma-bearing C57BL/6 mice receiving rAAV vectors injections into the GL261-GFP tumor. (A,D) rAAV2-WT-CBA-RFP. (B,E) rAAV2-TRP-CBA-RFP. AAV2-TRP is AAV2 capsid with Y(444, 500, 730)F tyrosine mutations (“triple mutant”). (C,F) rAAVShH19- CBA-RFP. Green signal is GFP stably expressed in glioma cells, red signal is RFP delivered by rAAV infection. Yellow/orange signals (cells marked with asterisk,*) indicate co-localization of RFP and GFP (i.e. rAAV-mediated transduction of GL261 cells). Original magnification: 600x.