Figure 5: Rare AAV transduction of glioma-associated microglia. Confocal microscopy images of the brain sections of glioma bearing C57BL/6CX3CR1/ GFP mice receiving rAAV-RFP injections into the tumor. Rare examples of colocalization of RFP and GFP expression (yellow to orange stain) were evident in the same cell as shown in A (rAAV2-WT-CBA-RFP, rAAV2-TRP-CBA-RFP and rAAV-ShH19-CBA-RFP). Original magnification: 100x. B. Examples of rAAV-RFP transduced cells (red) that appear engulfed by microglia (green) as opposed to transduction of microglia by the vector (note that the red cells are distinct entities within green cells, and the signals are not co-localizing).