Figure 1: FANCL interaction domains, FANCL splicing and mRNA expression. (A) Schematic representation of FANCL interaction domains based on the literature. FANCL exon structure and schematic representation of the putative protein of the FANCLΔ4 isoform located in the genomic region of exons 3-5 (B) Expression levels of FANCLΔ4 isoforms in cell lines as detected by semiquantitative PCR experiments (C) Expression levels of FANCLΔ4 and FANCL isoforms in cell lines as measured by quantitative real-time PCR experiments. Relative expression levels of the FANCLΔ4 isoform were calculated as E(ΔCt wild-type allele – ΔCt splice form) in twelve breast cancer and non-cancerous cell lines where E is primer efficiency.